Five Cuban Patriots are political prisoners of the Empire. They have already suffered more than 34 months of unjustified incarceration in a South Florida penitentiary. Ren Gonz Sehwerert, Ram Laba Salazar, Fernando Gonz Llort, Antonio Guerrero Rodr and Gerardo Hern Nordelo have sustained almost three years of constant humiliation, gross and systematic violation of their human rights and long and arbitrary periods of solitary confinement.

They are being punished because Cuba’s enemies see in them an outstanding combination of the virtues, dignity and courage compound in the country these enemies are bent on destroying. They are victims of an infamous and enormous injustice that marks the beginning, under the current Administration of Mr. Bush, of a new and even more cruel and shameless stage in the long and dirty war that the United States has been carrying out against the Cuban people and their Revolution.

They were condemned for alleged espionage under completely false charges and unfair pressure applied to the jury. The charges were never proved and during the trial even the prosecution admitted that the defendants had never been in possession of any secrets nor carried out the alleged crime.

In Miami it is impossible to receive a fair ruling in any case related to Cuba. Lies, hysteria and anti Cuban hatred, under the sway of a corrupt and fascist lobby group, poison the Miami environment. We have only to remember the kidnapping of Eli Gonz a six year old child brutally separated from his father and family, shamelessly mistreated and exploited in front of the television cameras and surrounded by armed killers and strident demagogues who challenged the law, insulted and threatened the Federal Government, desecrated the American banner, damaged private property and even threatened to burn down the city. Where were the FBI and Florida’s District Attorneys? What was their reaction to the shameful impudence witnessed by the whole world and repudiated by humanity and by all the American people? The basic rights of a child, including his physical and psychological integrity, were flagrantly offended and the American legal system, decency and honor defamed but nobody was ever tried or indicted, or even arrested.

Those individuals, recruited and trained by the CIA to act against Cuba, paid for decades with federal budget funds, have lived in permanent and intimate connivance with the extreme right wing and interfered with domestic life in America paying lip service to the interests of the American people. They have been linked to the most outrageous episodes there such as the assassination of President Kennedy, the Watergate scandal, the murder of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt, the secret supply of weapons to the Nicaraguan contras and the related drug trafficking, the smuggling of people and of illegal drugs, the kidnapping of Eli Gonz and the fraudulent denial of the rights of tens of thousands of African American voters in the November 2000 elections in Florida.

Cuba has always told the full and honest truth: we have never made any attempts against the national security of the United States. territory. To expose these actions is a noble, heroic and worthy mission that saves Cuban and American lives and is in keeping with the vital interests of both our peoples.

Throughout its history, the Cuban Revolution has been the target of a systematic policy of aggression, a real war, in which terrorism, sabotage and murder have not been missing. This war is now over 42 years old. The aggressor has been, and it continues to be, the government of the United States. Nobody should ignore this fact that can be easily confirmed through official American documents, most of which were kept secret until recently. A large part of their content remains undisclosed, but even so the total responsibility of that Government for the unceasing aggression shows clearly beyond any doubt. Following are some data that are explicitly acknowledged and described in those documents by their protagonists, thus becoming irrefutable truths:

Upon direct instructions from President Eisenhower, the Central Intelligence Agency has actively intervened in Cuban affairs since 1958, before the triumph of the Revolutionary movement, which it attempted to frustrate. It supported Batista’s followers before and after their defeat and recruited agents and collaborators amongst them, who would later become the core of the counter revolutionary “opposition” thus fabricated. This can be found in a book published in 1991 by the State Department containing previously undisclosed communications covering the years of 1958 to 1960.

From 1959 the United States has attempted to bring down the Cuban government through a program of covert actions including terrorism, sabotage and the Bay of Pigs military invasion. A detailed description appears in the report of the then CIA Inspector General, entered in October 1961, and made public for the first time in February 1998.

After the Bay of Pigs failure, the United States continued to nurture crime and terrorism through the so called “Operation Mongoose” and it drew up plans which included even direct military invasion as recorded in official texts for the period 1961 1963 of the volume published by the State Department in 1997.

Also in 1997, more than 1500 pages of previously classified Pentagon documents were opened showing a policy of outrageous contempt. military intervention in Cuba”. It is odd that incidents involving supposedly civil airplanes similar to that which the Miami terrorists provoked years later were among the pretexts included. Senate Special Committee headed by Senator Frank Church published its report on plans to assassinate foreign leaders. A large part of this referred to the numerous attempts over many years to assassinate President Fidel Castro, directed by the CIA with the participation of the Miami terrorists and even using the Mafia. Attorney General’s Office issued a decision published by the UN Security Council on the May 8, 1992 declaring well known terrorist Orlando Bosch a persona non grata on American territory based on extensive evidence of his past and present crimes including his role as one of the masterminds behind the sabotage of a Cuban civil plane in October 1976. Despite this, President George H. Bush allowed Bosch to go free. Mr. Bosch is currently in Miami with total impunity.

The above are only a few examples. Those whose responsibility should be to stop their crimes have ever reprimanded not one of them.

In November 1996, for example, Channel 23 of Miami television carried a live interview with Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles (a CIA veteran, one of the masterminds of the 1976 sabotage of the Cuban plane, a secret official of the White House responsible for the illegal supply of weapons to the Nicaraguan contra) who, aware that nobody would dare touch them, boasted of their criminal history and stressed that their terrorist campaign against Cuba would go on undeterred.

On the July 12 and 13, 1998, the New York Times ran on its front page an interview with Posada Carriles, the most notorious terrorist of this hemisphere, in which he claimed responsibility for various bomb explosions in Havana in 1997, one of which caused the death of a young Italian tourist. He went on to explain the abundant funding received for his actions from the so called Cuban American National Foundation, he announced new terrorist attacks against Cuba and boasted of his many visits to the United States as well as his close links to his former colleagues in the CIA. Days later, in another interview with a Florida television channel, he repeated his shameless declarations. Still today in Miami, funds are raised and public rallies called in support of this detestable murderer.

Cuba’s right to defend itself against anyone attempting to destroy and annihilate its people is unquestionable.

Nevertheless, Cuba has done everything possible to warn Washington, through private channels as well as publicly, of the danger of these actions, even delivering information obtained through the heroic sacrifice of men such as those who are now unjustifiably imprisoned there. We, thus, alerted to the presence of armed individuals around the house where Eli was being held and of plans to oppose his liberation. Once this objective was attained, those involved admitted the truth and accuracy of the information Cuba supplied. government agencies which would have been useful to act against the terrorists had there been the necessary will to do so. After numerous exchanges, including messages at the top levels, an official delegation came to Havana on June 16 17, 1998, including two important FBI chiefs to whom extensive information was supplied and operative materiel, such as incriminating tapes and recordings of the actions of 40 criminals. They promised a response within two weeks, but it never came. Neither was there any FBI reaction to the abundant and irrefutable evidence received. On the contrary, three months later, the FBI arrested our heroic comrades, hurled treacherous slander against them and instigated a pseudo legal process aimed at exalting some ringleaders of the terrorist groups whom, to top it all, they called as witnesses.

The most contemptible, indecent and absurd accusation against our honorable and heroic comrades was that of “conspiracy to murder”, suspiciously raised after they had spent more than eight months in solitary confinement, while facing the ridiculous and senseless initial charges which were as baseless as this.

But, the truth will prevail. The truth will never be defeated by their clumsy and deceitful maneuvers.

If one iota of justice existed in America, others would be sitting in the dock to receive the most severe and unappealable sentence. territory, the CIA has used small planes manned by its agents for sabotage, dropping weapons, to spread chemicals and bacteriological substances and carry out espionage and provocation over the countryside and cities of Cuba. In the previously cited documents there is plenty of information to this effect including the background of the terrorist group involved in the provocation of February 24, 1996.