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His football doesn’t presage his shyness. Off the playing field, silence and caution seize Marco Asensio, who as his guiding principles has observing and learning from everything going on around him. Clearly they are principles that work well for him and that similarly describe his commitment to Real Madrid, who could take him from being in Mallorca’s youth team, to the White’s first team in less than a year.

Mallorca’s battle hardened senior players observed when they saw him move that he is no ordinary player. They crossed their fingers for him not to leave last summer when Barcelona were close to sealing a deal.

His body devoid of any special adornments in the form of tattoos, nor wearing flashy clothes to be noticed, the money that football gave him he invested in his family,
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in his future and in a Volkswagen Polo. Having recently passed his test, he decided to turn up at a team dinner in the everyday car he bought a few days before. None of your typical show off cars.

Asensio arrived at the restaurant without wanting to draw attention to himself, following his principle of living on the edge of the spotlight to the letter. The problem came when, with his teammates in front of him, the Mallorca player arrived at the meeting point. He had to park, but his nerves got the better of him. Imagine the rest of the squad. Laughter, jokes and one of them a car park attendant.
chaleco plumas ralph lauren the boy with the Polo